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Friday, July 12, 2013

Experiencing Creativity in Trenton

After meeting at St. Bartholomew and having out morning devotion, we started the day learning about a new kind of prayer. Pastor Aaron gave the eight of us a short lesson on “how to practice Lectio Divina.” This was of praying is done by reading a short passage of the Bible in a slow manner so that you can reflect on something that stuck out to you in the reading. We read the story of the good Samaritan, since most of us were familiar with it and could really pick a part that stuck out to us. As Pastor Aaron read the story to us, we closed our eyes and reflected in silence. The passage was read three times to really give us a chance to think about it and hear new things to focus on each time.
Today was also the last day of VBS with the Elect Saints congregation. When we concluded out lesson we drove over to PA for Vacation Bible School. When all of the kids arrived, we broke off into our groups according to age and had an overview of what we had talked about that week. Since it was raining and not the nicest day out, we had to come up with a couple inside activities. For our closing meal we had chicken and rice that was cooking in a Liberian sauce - that was really good.

For our last stop on a Friday evening we went to the 24-hour art show in Trenton. As we walked through the building there were many wonderful painting of people in a more abstract design. When we made our way through the building we were introduced to the man who ran the showing and he escorted us out to the side where they were constructing a garden with old, non-usable materials. It was really interesting to see the way they were taking things that seem to be useless and transforming an area with them to make it beautiful. Seeing a very different way to help the area through art really stuck out to me. No many people are familiar with the art scene in Trenton so it was great to see how it can make a difference for a small area.

- Kevin

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  1. I'm so glad that you all got to see Trenton's Art All Night!